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One of the main worries for new Moms and Dads concerns their infant’s growth and development. The most common and effective way to learn whether the infant is thriving is by regularly tracking their weight.

The newborn’s development and growth are extremely fast, thus frequent weighing of the baby is desired. Since babies at this stage are tiny, it is necessary to weigh them naked.

Unfortunately, infants often feel uncomfortable when they are being weighed, crying and moving around during the process, however, babies love being in a warm cozy tub where they feel happy and relaxed.

The Solution:

An infant Bath Tub with a digital weighing scale accurately shows the baby’s weight on an LCD.

Bathing Your Infant

Giving your baby a bath is one of the most exciting, and sometimes frightening, experiences.
Our innovative tub provides a range of features to help you feel completely reassured during splish-splash time!
In addition to monitoring your baby’s development in a warm shooting tub, you will be able to constantly see the water’s temperature changing on the LCD in order to give you a precise indication of whether your loved one is too cold or too warm.
Our research and development team has created the MoniTub™ allowing parents to keep a close eye on the toddler’s weight while bathing him or her the gentle way at home.

We are Green and Safe.
We are an environment-friendly company, making sure our products are not only green but safe. Our tub is free from any heavy metals or hazard materials.

We are Green and Safe