Where Innovations Are Born

Brand Story

Baby Patent was founded over a decade ago and rapidly became one of the major players in the global baby tech market. We develop, manufacture, distribute, and export superb products for babies & toddlers.


Baby Patent brings innovation to your home with revolutionary products designed to enrich and simplify your life. We believe that even the tiniest tots deserve the best technology – that’s why we created a brand whose products simplify through innovation.


Our exciting range of smart baby products provide the highest safety standards with attractive and practical design features. They aim to enrich new parents’ day-to-day life creating compelling solutions that bring efficiency to many tasks.

User Experience

The AquaScale, quickly became a worldwide brand name and an essential item on baby shower gift lists. The solution provides an easy way to monitor the baby’s development by tracking their weight comfortably during bath time, while cozy and relaxed in warm water at home.

Meet the team

Oren Shrak

Founder & CEO

B.A. in Finance and Business Administration. Mr. Shrak has several years of experience as a Project Manager and V.P Marketing in startup companies. Building the company from scratch Oren gained expertise in product development, manufacturing, distribution, branding & international marketing. Mr. Shrak previously worked in the financial markets both as a trader and in the marketing department. Oren has been head chamber director of the high technology (Optronic – Electronic) facility.

Leanne Kaye

Global Marketing Brand Manager

Leanne Kaye was born in the UK, is a trained midwife, and immigrated to Israel in 2008. She is a published author and accomplished marketing professional; her creative approaches are innovative and executed with precision. Leanne’s ability to create high level informative and engaging content has consistently aided business growth. Leanne has several years of experience working in various sectors, growing E-Commerce for medium, large, and Fortune 500 companies.

Rachel Varsano


Rachel Varsano has successfully completed a BA in Economics & Management and a MBA
Rachel is knowledgeable in the financial management and operational aspects of companies in a vast range of fields. With over thirty years of experience in the financial management of innovation projects, industrial companies, and startups she has the skills and ability to lead Baby Patent to rapid growth and success.

Tomer Silberstein

Economic Asistant

Tomer is currently studying Business and Admnistration at the ONO Academic College. He is enjoying applying his learned techniques in finance, economics, accounting, and marketing to his role at Baby Patent.

Ken Ganor

Senior Director and Business Development

MBA, NYIT New York. Mr. Ganor is a Business Development Expert with over 20 years of experience in international sales.
Mr. Ganor successfully manages to build up strong and long-lasting sales channels which enables him to introduce innovative products to the B2B and B2C markets. Strong understanding in the target market which is focused on the Asia Pacific and Europe.

Ilan Navon

Marketing Assistant

Ilan was born and raised in Venezuela. He attended SDSU in San Diego, California. Attained his BA in Political Communications & Marketing in Reichman University. Highly active in community service, from mentoring youth at risk to managing non profits. He is currently studying Graphic design. His diverse background and joyous character will bring a new flow of ideas to our creative team.

Yaakov Nissim

Director of Sales & Marketing,Consultant and Investor

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and MBA in business. Mr. Nissim has accumulated over 30 years of experience of intensive activity in the international markets. He specializes in diverse disciplines of marketing and sales, and is the author of the book “Marketing, Sales and International Trade” published in 2001 by Tcherikover Publishing Ltd.

Jonathan Friedmann

Director, Associate and Consultant

PhD, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Magna CumLaude), and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University. He is a highly experienced high-tech manager and currently serves as the CEO of Centipede Semi. Prior to Centipede he served as the COO and VP R&D of Provigent and Senior Director at Broadcom.

Dr. Gideon Friedmann

Director of Technology , Technology Consultant and Investor

Ph.D. in Physics, Stanford University, USA. More than 10 years of industry experience in Program Management, System Engineering Management, and Business Development. Gideon has worked in the Medical Instrumentation, Semiconductor, and Biotechnology industries. He is experienced in running small startups, with a focus on business development