Water Thermometer

The water temperature continuously updates on the LCD



Two Stage Baby Tub

0-6 Months &  6-24 Months



Digital Baby Scale

The electronic scale can be used with or without water



Aqua Scale Reviews


Bathing Your Infant

Baby Patent Ltd’s Baby Tub is a multi-function product. It records your baby’s precise weight, while making adjustments for water and movement. The built-in thermometer automatically monitors the temperature of the water to ensure that the baby is comfortable, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments to the water temperature. The specially designed unique ergonomic shape of the tub has, along with an anti-slip feature, been created to hold babies up to six months old in the perfect position for bathing. Once your baby has learned to sit, the Baby Tub easily converts to a toddler tub, accommodating children up to two years of age.







  • Two positions - Converts from newborn to toddler

  • Digital Scale (with OR without water) Baby can be weighed with OR without water

  • Calculates baby's precise weight adjusting for water and movement

  • Displays baby's precise weight down to the ounce (or grams)

  • Display Converts from Pounds + Ounces to Kilograms (LB: OZ to KG) conversion

  • Memory reading functions - stores baby's previous weight

  • Anti-slip pad keeps baby securely in place & provides extra comfort to infant

  • Water Thermometer ensures water is not hot or too cold

  • Continuously monitors & displays water temperature on LCD

  • Display converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion

Age Limit

Can be used from birth up to24 months

Setup & User Guide

Download Guide


  • 2 AAA batteries required



W=50cm/19.6inch L=80cm/30.5inch H=30cm/11.8inch

W=50cm/19.6inch L=80cm/30.5inch H=30cm/11.8inch



+What age is the Aqua Scale tub suitable for?

The Aqua Scale Tub is a two stage baby tub suitable for babies 0-6 months & 6-24 months

+How do I drain the water from the Aqua Scale?

The Aqua Scale Digital Scale & Thermometer 3-in-1 Infant Bath Tub has a drain plug

+Can the Aqua Scale be used in a sink as well as in a bath tub?

It can be used on any flat surface as long as the Aqua Scale is steady and safe. Please note the product dimensions are: Dimensions: 31 inches H x 20 inches W x 11 inches D

+What is the maximum weight the tub will hold for my baby?


+What size is the Aqua Scale Tub?

31 Inches H x 20 Inches W x 11 Inches D

+How many batteries does the Aqua Scale take?

3 x AAA Batteries

+Does the Aqua Scale meet all safety standards?

The Aqua Scale is CPSC & ASTM Certified

+Is there a way to calibrate the scale?

We recommend in order to test the accuracy of the scale, place the tub on a flat surface– We suggest to try on the floor with a couple of water bottles (or any other object where its weight is known in advance). Make sure that when using the Aqua Scale you are placing all 4 feet below on a flat surface, especially if using inside the big bathtub at home.

+Does the Aqua Scale Tub come with a warranty?

The Aqua Scale comes with a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.