AquaScale App Support

Digital Baby Scale, Thermometer & Bathtub

Important: read before use and keep for future reference.


To prevent drowning
• Drowning Hazard: Babies have drowned while using infant bath
• Stay in arm’s reach of your baby.
• Use in empty adult tub or sink.
• Keep drain open in adult tub or sink.

To prevent falls
• Fall Hazard: Babies have suffered head injuries falling from infant
bath tubs.
• Place tub only in adult tub, sink, or on floor for safe use.
• Never lift or carry baby in tub.

DO NOT use the product if it becomes damaged, broken, or
• This tub is intended for babies from birth to the time just before
they can sit up on their own (approximately 5-8 months old).
• Before storing, drain, clean, rinse and dry all items.
• Batteries & removable support post should be assembled by
an adult.
• The bath fits only one child at a time.
• Using the Aquascale to monitor your baby’s weight does not
replace regular weight monitoring by a doctor/nurse/midwife
/health-visitor or pediatrician.
• For infants aged 0-6 months always use the removable
support post.
Check that the removable support post is firmly attached
before placing the infant in the Aquascale baby bath.
• If the doorbell or phone rings, or if you need to leave the
bathing area for any reason, then take the baby with you.
Babies can drown in seconds in shallow water.
Idea bath temperature for babies is between 90 and 100°F (32.2 and 37.8°:C).

Inserting the batteries:

• Using a Phillips screwdriver (not supplied), unscrew the two screws on the
battery cover at the rear of the LCD display.
• Insert two 1.5v AAA (LR3) batteries, ensuring the correct polarity is observed.
• Reattach the battery cover, being careful not to overtighten the screws.
• Read battery warnings.

Using the removable support post:

The Aquascale baby bath comes with a removable support post which should be used when bathing newborn or small babies (0-6 months).
Always check that the support post is firmly attached.
Place your baby on the anti-slip mat. Ensure their head is out of the water. The support post should be removed once your baby is old enough to sit unaided (approximately at 6 months).

1a. Position the larger end of the support post into the groove in the base of the
1b. Press down on the narrow end till it locks into place and check that the
support post is securely attached.
2. To remove the support post, hold the support post at its highest point and
push it away from the foot end of the bath.

Operating Instructions