What cool things can your baby do at 2 months old?

You are possibly still pregnant and reading around about what to expect when your baby arrives or you may feel that the early newborn stages have passed in a bit of a blur and now you want to know what …

Bathing your baby – Part 2

Bath time with your new baby can and should be a wonderful experience, although many new parents share how daunting that first baby bath time seems.

When you leave the safety of the hospital ward for the first time with …

Breast milk storage

Breast Milk Storage: Do’s & Don’ts

Expressing and storing

Tips for expressing breastmilk

  • Make sure any equipment you use has been thoroughly cleaned and that your hands are washed well.
  • Set yourself up in a private and relaxed place. Think

Baby sleep guidelines – Part 1 – Newborn

Congratulations on the birth of your new beautiful baby. This is an exciting time in your life and also a potentially sleep-deprived time. Newborn sleep patterns vary greatly from older babies or toddlers. This is part one of Baby Patent’s …

Hospital bag for mom: Labor & Delivery

The Comfort, The Luxury & The Secret Extra Essentials Only Your Besties Will Share!

The great debate on what you need to take to the hospital, including those essentials you may not know you need. The internet is saturated with …