Hospital bag for mom: Labor & Delivery

The Comfort, The Luxury & The Secret Extra Essentials Only Your Besties Will Share!

The great debate on what you need to take to the hospital, including those essentials you may not know you need. The internet is saturated with lists, recommendations, and ongoing live debate on this topic. However, this list will provide you with what is necessary.

Before you scroll through this list at lightning speed, there are a few things to bear in mind:-

1. As with many aspects of your birth, we are all individuals therefore what one person may deem essential may not even make it out of your bag. Think carefully before you pack.

For example, if you have never eaten dried apricots, then you probably won’t want to eat them during labor or after the birth or ever!!!. Don’t bring them with you just because someone says they are a good idea even if they do help with constipation.

2. This is not the time to bring out your precious jewels and family heirlooms! You are going to be the most distracted you have ever possibly been. Keep those expensive or sentimental accessories safely in your home, unfortunately, things often go missing accidentally or due to opportunist theft. This is especially relevant if you are moved around the hospital from the maternity ward to labor and delivery and then the postpartum ward.

3. Buy and pack new essential toiletries in travel size:- toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush (pack all of these for both you and your birth partner). This prevents any last-minute panic packing usually resulting in forgetting something.

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4. Pack two bags: one small one for labor and one for your hospital stay. This prevents trying to rush through to the labor ward with a massive holdall keeping in mind that your partner may not have a free hand as he will be helping to support you. The best option is to take a smaller backpack with you for things you will need during your labor.

Top Essential Labour Aids

1. Music. Bring a portable Bluetooth speaker and a playlist of music YOU like. It has been proven that women relax and benefit more during labor when they listen to familiar music which may trigger good positive memories. If you are not usually a big fan of the sound of ocean waves and whale sounds, then you probably won’t want it during your labor!

2. Massage oil for the body with a pleasant fragrance

3. Perineal massage oil

4. TENS machine.

5. Lip balm

6. Change for the vending machine and credit card, just in case you or your partner need snacks and everything else is closed.

7. Drinks with sports bottle tops or straws to help sipping during labor.

8. Food and sustaining snacks but nothing with a strong odor. Teabags or your favorite hot drink option for immediately after the birth.

9. Warm socks.

10. Cotton nightshirt (your partner can always bring more) with buttons down the front for easy skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. These are provided in hospitals, however, they are not very comfortable and are one size fits all which isn’t great if you don’t fit into the average size category.

11. Disposable knickers and maybe some old or cheap ones.

12. Large sanitary pads

13. Pajamas for after the birth as you may feel cold

14. Change of clothes for your partner

15. Cell phone/iPad and chargers for EVERYTHING!

Essential Items for the Hospital Stay after the Birth

1.Snacks and real food

2.3 nighties, with sleep feeding bras for even more comfort or regular feeding bras

3.Going home/ comfy clothes as you may feel like getting dressed

4.Nursing pads

5.A going home outfit for the baby

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