Newborn reflexes – That’s incredible! 7 born with baby abilities

Congratulations!!! After months of pregnancy and possibly years of emotional and physical preparation, your baby has finally arrived. You are probably feeling all types of emotions, many that are unexpected and filling your mind with more questions than you can even attempt to process.

Milestone is a very broad title for all things concerned with your baby’s development. This first part details all those born with reflexes that are fascinating to discover.

What can your newborn already do?

Your beautiful newborn baby will amaze you from day one. Your baby’s reflexes (illustrated above) will be assessed shortly after birth. Experience the palmar grasp for yourself, it will melt your heart as you place a finger in the infant’s hand and press against the palm, he will spontaneously grab and hold it tightly. This is the first of many moments your baby will be holding your hand!

It may seem silly at first but talking and chatting to your baby while he/she is awake is a crucial part of the development process. Your baby will learn different tones in your voice and soon begin to mimic your facial expressions and lip movements.

Enjoy these first few weeks of your baby’s life and watch how almost every day they will be learning something new.

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