Oren at national TV with the AquaScale

where innovations are born

Baby Patent is an inventor, developer, manufacturer, distributor and international exporter of superb innovations.

Oren Shrak founded the company, inspired by his brother in-law Jonathan Friedman idea of the AquaScale - a combination of a baby bathtub & digital scale to comfortably monitor a baby’s daily development at home that has become a worldwide success.

With several developments underway, Baby Patent is rapidly expanding, breaking new ground with each innovation.

Each of our ideas are born in-house and go through a stringent screening process. Very few pass into the developmental stage, where technology, design, innovation, style & vision are met to achieve the ultimate user experience with each and every product.

Our Team


Mr. Oren Shrak

Founder & CEO 

B.A. in Finance and Business Administration. Mr. Shrak has several years of experience as a Project Manager and V.P Marketing in startup companies. Building the company from scratch Oren gained expertise in product development, manufacturing, distribution, branding & international marketing. Mr.Shrak previously workedin the financial markets both as a trader and in the marketing department. Oren has also spent two years as head chamber director of the high technology (Optronic – Electronic) facility.


Mr. Yaakov Nissim

Director of Sales & Marketing,Consultant and Investor

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and MBA in business. Mr. Nissim has accumulated over 30 years of experience of intensive activity in the international markets. He specializes in diverse disciplines of marketing and sales, and is the author of the book “Marketing, Sales and International Trade” published in 2001 by Tcherikover Publishing Ltd.






Mr. Jonathan Friedmann

Director, Associate and Consultant

PhD, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Magna CumLaude), and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University. He is a highly experienced high-tech manager and currently serves as the CEO of Centipede Semi. Prior to Centipede he served as the COO and VP R&D of Provigent and Senior Director at Broadcom.


Dr. Gideon Friedmann 

Director of Technology , Technology Consultant and Investor

Ph.D. in Physics, Stanford University, USA. More than 10 years of industry experience in Program Management, System Engineering Management, and Business Development. Gideon has worked in the Medical Instrumentation, Semiconductor, and Biotechnology industries. He is experienced in running small startups, with a focus on business development




Mrs. Candice Smith

Executive Assistant, BA Production Management, London, England

Candice joined the Baby Patent’s team having previously owned and run her own leisure and fitness business based in London. With six years’ experience building a business from the ground up. Managing all aspects from sales& marketing, finances, apprenticeship training.

Before joining baby patent she also worked as a nutritionist & fitness professional with adults & children alike educating them on healthy eating & weight management

Candice is also a Triathlete and Marathon runner.