What cool things can your baby do at 2 months old?

You are possibly still pregnant and reading around about what to expect when your baby arrives or you may feel that the early newborn stages have passed in a bit of a blur and now you want to know what to expect from your delightful 2 month old baby. 

Check out the 5 categories below and watch in wonder as your baby begins to interact with the world around her. 

The Social and emotional milestones include:-

  • Self-soothing by sucking on her hands/fingers.
  • Starting to smile at others.
  • Attempting to look at her parents. 

Bath time is a great fun time to start seeing those first few smiles as your baby will learn to kick and splash about in the water. 

The Language and communication milestones include:-

  • Being aware of unusual sounds and turning toward them.
  • Making cooing noises as your baby learns to become vocal.

A great fun way to encourage language development is to have a conversation. Simply by responding to your baby’s cooing sounds they will be encouraged to enter into a baby talk dialogue with you. 

The Brain Development Milestones Include:- 

  • Beginning to track people and objects with her eyes.
  • Starting to let you know when they need more stimulation – the baby equivalent to telling you they are bored. 
  • Becoming fascinated with a new face alongside focusing on all the familiar faces in your baby’s home.

The Movement & Physical Development Milestones Include:- 

  • Smoother less jerky arm and leg motions will be more noticeable. 
  • Your baby will begin to push up while on his/her belly and start to hold his/her head up.

The Food & Nutrition Milestones Include:-

  • Sucking and swallowing well during feeding.
  • Her tongue will move back and forward to suck.
  • She’ll latch easily onto her mother’s nipple or a bottle.

Fascinating fact about newborns  – 

Most babies will double their birth weight in the first six months of life, if not before.

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